Masters of Pedagogy BLOG Jog NEXT WEEK (when the graphite pencil dust begins to settle).


Join some of my edu-expert friends and me as we explore life after testing in the world of K-12 education, the time when our schools come to life in a way that allows for extended engagement without a laser focus on the speculated content of the standardized assessments. We don’t give up the fun and love of learning; we simply get to enhance what we have done during the year without the need to reveal the products of such learning within the confines of standardized measures.

Here’s the lineup for the week:

Monday (May 1): Mick Shuran! His focus will be on changing the mindset or culture of how it seems testing determines the end of school. No Alice Cooper, School’s Not Out for Summer…yet!

Tuesday (May 2): The illustrious Julie Davis, “ed-tech extraordinaire” and my closest connection to Julie Darling Donuts, will share her insight and tips on trying new things during this gray area of non-testing.

Wednesday (May 3): Tullahoma City Guru (and LTL Podcaster), Google great Christopher King will share his thoughts and ideas in a different format, a VLOG for all you visual and audial learners

Thursday (May 4): Social studies expert Jacob Dunn will bring a current “in the classroom” perspective towards what we as educators can do after testing.

Friday (Cinco de Mayo):  I, Thomas Fuhrman, will share the ways that we are moving to the outer reaches of our campus (and beyond) in the month of May to become more college- and career-excited and aware through opportunities to work in our Ag Lab, participate with a variety of local partners for our school-wide career day, and our fourth graders visit Tennessee Technological University.

Please join us, provide your comments and feedback, and most importantly, SHARE IT!

See you Monday!

By the way, please vote for Jere Whitson Elementary in this contest for us to win a classroom set of @MergeVR virtual reality headsets. We are one of ten finalists: 


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