Bookmarking Education Technology Resources

These are my five favorite ways for organizing online educational technology resources:

1. Twitter
I frequently favorite and re-tweet tweets just as much for my own reference as for that of my followers. When I really want to look at something again that shows up in my Twitter feed, I need no other storage method than to mark it as favorite. The unfortunate part of this is that all tweets are saved in a location without any categorization. I have considered creating different accounts and mentioning the account into which I want a particular category of tweets to go, but with the fairly light volume of tweets in my favorites list so far, this has not been necessary.

2. Tizmos
I like the preview of the websites that I save in this particular bookmarking venue, but sometimes the amount of bandwidth needed to view all of these is simply more than I can access when looking for wireless access.

3. 3x3Links
This is actually one of my favorites, but it requires a Google account, and one can not link to a particular subpage by URL link. I do like the use of a keypad button navigation option and the ease of creating depths of items, but I also find it someone annoying that images associated with domain names are subject to change at the suggestion of other users. I am pleased that this can be accessed with ease even on iOS devices.

4. Portaportal
Is this bookmarking site, with its limited text-only menus and drop-down submenus, nearly antiquated? Well, as little as I use it now, I will admit that it is losing favor with me, but it is still a well-organized method of viewing links that I have not completely abandoned.

I really liked this when I first learned about it and still like the idea but was somewhat dissuaded from it because of the lack of editing availability when it was first released. Still, it is a great way to put several links on a single URL if I know all of the links I want to assign when I create the link page.

I am still very interested in expanding my use of LiveBinders but have not done much with this so far. I would also like to find a bookmarking site that will allow me to see my links in a carousel-like display with possibility for depth of subcategories. I also like the Discovr apps and would like a bookmarking utility with this sort of display.


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