Seussial Media Poem

The following is a poem I have written with inspiration from the late Dr. Seuss and my own experienced reservations expressed by colleagues about the use of social media, especially in education:

“Hello, my tech-unsavvy friend,
I have some time I’d like to spend
Teaching you about the Net
You’ll like its uses I will bet.”

“I do not like your Internet,
It makes me nervous and I fret.
I wonder why you like it so.
Please leave me now, and let me go.”

“But would you, could you send a tweet?”

“Not with my hands nor with my feet.
It’s silly and it’s much too brief.
Besides, what’s wrong with my looseleaf?”

“Perhaps you’d rather write a blog?”

“Not even with my favorite dog.
It takes too long; what would I say?
Please just stop now, and go away!”

“Have you considered trying a wiki?”

“And edit a page? That sounds too tricky.
And why would I write on a page
That others could change and fuel my rage?”

“Surely you are on Facebook?”

“Now listen here, and take a look.
I’ve got too many tests to grade.
Besides I’m greatly underpaid.
I can’t spend all my time online.
That is just the bottom line!
I will not Facebook or tweet, you twit.
And I don’t know how…”

“Oh, that’s just it.
Just give me a minute of your time.
I’m sure you’ll find it quite sublime.
Just click and choose a username.
Forget the wealth, enjoy some fame
If others like what you do share.
You’ll find that other teachers care.
Look for a link, or read a post
From someone on the other coast.
You might inspire some, as well,
By what you share or what you tell.
Just try it once, and I will go.
Try it, and you’ll enjoy it, I know.”

“I’ll try it once if you stand by.
Yes, I suppose that I will try.
I click and choose a username,
And now that I’m on, it’s not the same.
It’s kind of nice, seeing others write.
And some post even late at night.
I think I like this edublog, and
I can read it with my dog.
I think I’ll add some to this wiki;
I don’t need to be so picky.
I think I’ll tweet what I just read,
Instead of lying awake in bed.
And if Facebook lets me join this group,
It will warm my heart like chicken soup.
You’re right, this stuff has application.
I might even use it on vacation.”

And so this tale of wonder and worry
Turned out quite well, but you needn’t scurry
To try out every online site.
Instead I think that you just might
Try out one venue for awhile
And if you like them, you might smile.
But if you don’t, we love you too
And appreciate all that you do.

Thank you, educators and educational professionals, for your dedication and commitment to our children. Whatever you do, do not forget about the reason we do what we do, to benefit our children.