Twitter Tapestry

As I continue to peruse Twitter for all things edtech-related and concerning Tennessee education, I have expanded the group that I follow immensely. I am reminded of the statement that Adam Taylor (@2footgiraffe) made about how Twitter is like a waterfall from we must only expect to get a cupful of information or collaboration at a time. When I initially began following some fellow Tennessee educators and education enthusiasts, I found mostly people promoting their own interests and blogs. Though this still continues on a pretty large scale, I have found others who are also engaging in more altruistic collaboration and an interest to share their successes, struggles, and discoveries in the world of Common Core State Standards and other education-related subjects.

I have begun to follow more administrators around the world who are experiencing all sorts of results of integration of RTI, Common Core, and various other initiatives. Despite the frequency with which I monitor Twitter, I do scan tweets fairly rapidly, looking for particular noteworthy items, especially those that I think will appeal to and engage or inspire my followers. I re-tweet far more than I originally tweet, thus reducing the attribution of much ingenuity to myself, but hoping to be relied upon more as a disseminator of useful tools than as a source of great profundity (which I feel is quite difficult to express in 140 characters, anyway).

For those who continue to be intimidated by Twitter or who are still convinced that Twitter is simply a celebrity venue for communicating their mundane experiences and gossip throughout the day, I would encourage you to look beyond what can be potentially an overwhelming flow of random chatter and to avoid the Twitter litter typically produced by sophomoric casual conversationalists and predatory saboteurs to see the true resources and tools that are shared daily and motivation of fellow educators who are in the trenches seeking the same goal, what is best for our children. I would advise those just beginning their Twitter journeys to find a friend who is already rather Twitter-savvy to assist in what may seem some simple strategies to focus on what you may really be seeking.



My Web Presence – In Need of Updates

As I have been increasingly spending time on Twitter, I find myself with numerous websites in need of updating. Because most apps will allow me to tweet content, I find it very cumbersome to return to websites and editors to update the content on my websites. In a sense, Twitter is my most up-to-date, yet least visually appealing, web presence. Realizing this, I still have a hard time cutting ties with the hours of work that went in to my old websites. Here are a few of my old websites that I hope still contain some valuable links and content (despite my negligence in updating them):

Mr. Fuhrman’s 3×3 (Main Site)


Of course, I have a few more than this, but not that have enough to share without some major updating.

My Twitter accounts, however, are fairly current:



If I do indeed begin to update my websites (which is somewhat unlikely given my intent to blog), I will provide links on my blog and/or Twitter accounts.