My Web Presence – In Need of Updates

As I have been increasingly spending time on Twitter, I find myself with numerous websites in need of updating. Because most apps will allow me to tweet content, I find it very cumbersome to return to websites and editors to update the content on my websites. In a sense, Twitter is my most up-to-date, yet least visually appealing, web presence. Realizing this, I still have a hard time cutting ties with the hours of work that went in to my old websites. Here are a few of my old websites that I hope still contain some valuable links and content (despite my negligence in updating them):

Mr. Fuhrman’s 3×3 (Main Site)


Of course, I have a few more than this, but not that have enough to share without some major updating.

My Twitter accounts, however, are fairly current:



If I do indeed begin to update my websites (which is somewhat unlikely given my intent to blog), I will provide links on my blog and/or Twitter accounts.