My Favorite Bible Apps

With Christmas only hours away from now, I feel compelled to share a few apps that bring forth the true meaning of Christmas, the birth of Jesus Christ. These Bible apps have their own distinctive advantages and disadvantages, and I have not found a single app with the functionality of all of the individual apps I am presenting that will satisfy, but I am not averse to having a Bible folder on my iPad and iPod Touch to organize all of my Bible apps.

1. Pocket Sword
This app is perhaps the least aesthetically pleasing, but it is by far my favorite. It is a free app, which allows one to download different Bible translations in multiple languages, using those provided by Crosswire, Xiphos, and It also allows one to download devotionals, dictionaries, and commentaries that are public domain. The greatest advantage of this over some of the other Bible apps is that once the elements are downloaded, the app does not require an Internet connection. Verses can be bookmarked, copied, defined, and even read aloud. Though the app does not have Twitter or Facebook integration, it is an excellent tool for Bible study.

2. Bible 360
I like Bible 360 for a number of its features; however, it does require an Internet connection. I like the Bible reading plans and e tracking of reading progress. It also allows you to journal and to integrate with social media. The app also contains an atlas and other media related to the study of the Bible. I use this app less frequently than Pocket Sword, but I do like what it offers beyond the text of the scriptures.

3. Blue Letter Bible
This app is truly designed as a study Bible, which contains much of the same functionality as the Blue Letter Bible online, with lexicon and concordance availability. This app also requires an Internet connection. One can also simultaneously view two Bible translations in this app to compare. Personal notes can be added for each version in this app, as well.

4. Mantis Bible Study
The Mantis Bible is also nice in that one can access various tools within the app to assist in reading the Bible. One can highlight in a variety of colors, view a reading plan, access the Strong’s numbers for words, or view translation notes.

5. Olive Tree Bible+
What I most like about this app are the multiple highlight layers possible. Occasionally, I highlight but want to highlight a word or expression in more than one color to indicate its significance in two ways. This app allows me to do so. Of course, it contains many of the features that the others do, but this is particularly important to me.

This is an audio Bible that is accompanied by the written Word, but it does require an Internet connection. I do like how multiple audio versions are offered in this app.

7. Crossway ESV Bible
I like the ease of use of this Bible. It has a sleek interface and does not present a great deal of unnecessary functionality. It is limited to the ESV translation of the Bible, but when a verse is tapped, it provides scriptural cross-reference, an opportunity to make notes about the verse, and social media integration.

Merry Christmas, and may God bless you as you read His Word.