Typing on iPad with USB Keyboard

Today, I discovered that the quality of the electronic devices at thrift stores is beginning to improve beyond VHS cassette rewinding machines and 8-track cassettes. One piece of equipment I had kept on my radar was the USB keyboard. I had found numerous other computer keyboards, but my interest in the USB keyboard was due to the potential to connect it to my 1st generation iPad. Using a cheap camera connection kit that I purchased for about $3 on Amazon, I was able to enhance my iPad typing experience for a grand total of about $5. Though the experience is not optimal and may pale in comparison to using a keyboard that is made to communicate with the iPad via bluetooth, it allows me to use my keyboarding skills on the same size and design keyboard with which I am familiar. If my intention is to look trendy and show off the newest technology, I will fail with this means of connecting the keyboard; however, if I do not mind the look of a nerd who has saved money and has a full-size keyboard to type on his iPad, I am a success. As I type this blog, I am very pleased with my purchase.

I will mention two things just to be transparent about this discovery. I did not discover the connectivity method on my own. Secondly, the method is not without some flaws: the iPad will display a pop-up message that indicates that the device is not supported. This may appear a few times but generally it no longer appears after “OK” is pressed a few times. Also, the keyboard appears to be somewhat sensitive in recording letters. II have had to delete multiple letters that have been entered multiple times on a single keystroke.