Importance of Blogging

As I participated in #satchat on Twitter this morning, I realized the importance of blogging, not to draw attention to me and my ideas, but to help to hold me accountable for communication with those in our school and community. I see how others have developed their blogs for sharing ideas and have been able to reach well beyond their schools and communities to impact a global community. This too appeals to me because I recognize our role in a much larger setting than that which is so familiar, especially as most of our nation is moving towards full Common Core standards adoption. I hope to establish a greater connection to those who read this blog and to other bloggers in education as a result of my embarking on this somewhat uncomfortable but relevant adventure in a venue which exposes me to possible criticism or neglect.

Please be patient with me as I begin in this blogging journey, and offer any constructive suggestions that you think would benefit those reading this blog.

Thomas Fuhrman