Therapeutic Haiku for Educators

In the past, I have found writing haiku a therapeutic activity that allows me to express frustrations and realizations as terse verse. Following are some haiku that I hope will help me and others to find camaraderie in our shared experiences in education:

Common Core headaches
Persist until familiar
With new assessment.

Students’ apathy?
Try ambitious strategies:
I wish they would work.

Time with family
Limited by new demands;
I must balance both.

PLCs can work
When all understand and strive;
If not, they frustrate.

School security
Not just found in more handguns;
We can’t learn in fear.

Books still change our lives,
Video games are more fun;
Why not enjoy both?

Loving our children
In spite of their very worst:
True education.

Teachers need a break
Students should appreciate:
Obedience helps.

Recognize student’s struggle
Accentuate strengths.

Safety in numbers
Once meant to group together.
Now data-driven?

Paired with teacher confusion:
Is this objective?

Perhaps, I am alone in these sentiments, but I do feel that these brief three-line poems express some of the challenges I face in education right now and areas in which I want to grow. I do find the process of writing the poems therapeutic because it helps me to better isolate the challenges, and it also simplifies them such that I feel more empowered to address them. Enjoy!